For some businesses, Christmas is the busiest time of year, especially for industries like food – you’ll definitely be ramping up your production at the moment if you make sweet or indulgent goodies.

For service businesses Christmas and the holiday season can be a great time to communicate with your audience without the hard sell. Use this time of year as an opportunity to thank your customers for their business and let them know your plans - your opening hours for instance.

All types of brands can benefit from a little seasonal cheer, and it doesn’t need to dilute the essential personality of your brand and logo.

Here are some examples of the way businesses and organisations, big and small, can add a little festive sparkle to their brand.

Of course for the businesses who sell more at Christmas, they'll need to advertise their Christmas specials on their website. This is how Rustik Catering do it (website developed by Webby Web Design):

christmas ideas-04.png

Think about your social media - update your profile and/or cover picture for facebook and other social media platforms - here's an example how smaller organisations can do that:

wmnc & blade-01.png

The bigger businesses are decorating their social media too:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.07.10 am.png

Think about the real estate on your email signature, you can use this space to highlight your opening hours for the holiday period or simply wish your customers a happy Christmas:

christmas ideas-01.png
webby send out cards.jpg

There may be times when you don't want to be so obvious about your branding, but you want to give a flavour of it - perhaps on a Christmas card like this orange one for  Webby Web Design (whose dominant brand colour is orange):


Some businesses even update their vehicle livery to get everyone around them into the Christmas spirit - have you seen the Woollies trucks out on the road lately?


And don't forget to update your branding for the New Year: 

christmas ideas-06.png

Season's greetings!