Graphic design for packaging and labels is a unique challenge - it's all about function and style working together seamlessly. Your packaging has to communicate your brand in a matter of seconds as well as fulfil the practical purpose of protecting and transporting the contents you've lovingly created. At blade we love this challenge. Frequently we work with new products that are just being brought to market, so we're happy to advise about the best and most cost effective solutions for small scale production and put you in touch with print and packaging suppliers who will deliver the 3D reality. 

Many of the examples below show brands that we've designed as well, but we're just as happy to work with existing brands to develop unique, eye-catching and functional packaging solutions. Click on the pictures below to see a larger image and find out more.

The end product exceeded my expectations and I’m so proud of my brand and what Clare created based on a few ideas and simple concepts
— Rebekah Davidson,